I am a writer, editor and general creative brain who has been fascinated with words and writing for as long as I can remember. My passion for people, life and the human experience fuel my pen. I am currently working on a collection of essays and letters.


Website content review / editing; Technical Manuals; Resume review; RFP content development & editing; Business Newsletters; Resume proofreading; College Entrance Essays; College Term Papers; Dissertation & Thesis review; Company Blogs; Restaurant Menus; Email Correspondence; Software User-guides

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Don’t let fear hold you back; I can help propel you forward. The greatness in you is what excites me!

writing coach

Whether you are writing college entrance essays, company newsletters; building your website, or responding to RFPs, I can coach you from start to finish, or give your writing an additional set of eyes – and set your mind at ease with the written work you put forth.

specialized esl services

Expressing your thoughts in writing can be especially daunting if English is not your first language. Don’t stress; I can help! I’ve been involved with the Deaf community for 25+ years and the communication skills I have developed interpreting between English and American Sign Language allow me to bridge the written language gap that can present itself with non-native English users.

editor / proofreader

Just need a straight up editor or proofreader to give your work the once-over it deserves prior to submitting it to the world at large? I have advanced education & experience in that arena as well, with references provided upon request.

life coach

Are you not growing in the ways you would like, or having a hard time meeting the goals you set for yourself? A life coach may be just the thing you need to become accountable to YOU and turn your dreams into action. I can help you unleash your power!


This past fall Suzy Ham assisted me in writing my college application essays and statements. She was a tremendous help in allowing my personality to shine through my written work; her feedback was always constructive and made me think hard about the purpose behind my words. She’s extremely reliable and consistent with her work and I am very thankful for her help during such a stressful time of year. I was very happy with how my essays turned out and felt that the admissions board was going to be able to really see who I am as a person. I would highly recommend her for any high school student looking for advice on their essays.

Yelka Vargas-Gonzalez-Vargas, Olympian High School Alumni

The writing help that I got was amazing! Getting help from Ms. Ham really helped me to see what I needed improvement on and she guided me through writing my college essays wonderfully. I am so glad I had her help since I got into one of my top colleges, without her help in writing my essays I don’t think I would have been as successful. Thank you for all your help! 

-Jasmin Williams

As I finalized my dissertation, Suzy worked with me chapter by chapter in making the needed edits. At that point, I was too exhausted to go through my dissertation with a fine-tooth comb. Suzy came to the rescue by reviewing each chapter in a narrow window of time to ensure I met my deadline in order to graduate that year. I really appreciated Suzy’s work. After I defended, there was no further copy editing needed. I loved that she got sentimental when she finished chapter 8 (the last one) and said she felt she was on a journey with me. She was an important part of this final step in my doctorate program!

-Naomi Sheneman, Ph.D. & CDI

I LOVED my time with Suzy as my life coach. I am a very driven person who like anyone else has trouble finding the time to fit everything in. Life full of family, work, religious  calling, contributing to community and all the other things we often face as mothers!!  Suzy was fabulous at helping me pin down the things I really needed to focus on. The important things such as relationships that will last a lifetime! Having a coach who was able to see my strengths and weaknesses and discuss those with directness and care really allowed me to dial in on the changes in my life that made my day to day a much happier place to be and helped alleviate the unnecessary stresses and allow the important stuff to shine through. She was fabulous at follow through and helping me set and attain goals that I could reach but also stretched me to help me become better.  Accountability is huge in successfully accomplishing goals and she was very dependable in making sure I was accountable. She listens with intent to help. I highly recommend her as your next life coach!!!

-Lindsey Udy

Suzy is an incredible Life Coach. Her level of both compassion and professionalism are unparalleled. She has the unique capability to help guide with empathy and support while simultaneously allowing one to dig and find clarity beneath the chaos. If you’re searching for that perfect individual to help you move past roadblocks, values integrity,  is focused and practical, and has a true passion for her work, look no further. Suzy is the best of the best.

-Kristi Kulik, Sign Language Interpreter